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Monthly Archives: July 2016

16 Jul 2016

Hello Dolly | Part Two

(Dolly can be found in this photo of a Catholic picnic on the right hand side, with glasses beside the boy holding the baseball) After my parents died and after I was separated from my sisters and brothers, I went to Vernon. My mother had friends up there. Natives have people they call sisters that really aren’t your sisters. I was sent there and the army was there then. There was a huge army camp. I was sent to Cherryville, […]

14 Jul 2016

Hello Dolly | Part One

I had a Chinese father and an Indian mother. They had a brood of fourteen and I was the eleventh in line. My family was very tumultuous, and very important next to god and the priest and the teacher stood my father. He was funny but he was very strict. My life had total freedom, my mother said God looks after kids and drunks so she never worried about us. We had the whole freedom of the hills, the rivers […]