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Monthly Archives: December 2016

22 Dec 2016
Against the Wind

Against The Wind

Against the Wind “I was sent to residential school at the age of six years old. Out of my brothers, which were 4 other brothers and two sisters, I was the only one that did not spend very long in residential school. Under a year I was adopted by another family, named Eddie and Maria Alexander from Alexandria First Nations. They had a lot of courage and a lot of trust and a lot of patience and respect in how […]

22 Dec 2016

Salvaging the Past | Part One

“We moved here in 1951 from Vancouver Island. In September, my brother missed the first day of school and I was too young to go to school back then. But anyways, the reason we were running an autowreckers was because my father had a sawmill and he sold the lumber quota to Lignum Ltd. in 1956, about August or so. So he had to go somewhere, so he bought this property, moved his sawmill here, cause it didn’t go with […]

18 Dec 2016

Cleaning Up

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve made an actual blog post. I’ve been pretty busy working on a new film project with Casey Bennett called Pine Valley Films. It’s what I’m calling a micro production company. But I have decided to give a little bit of time back to this project. Need to find balance. I have taken down my computer repair Facebook page to dedicate more time to art. I will still fix the odd computer but […]