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The West Coast Warlord | Part One

The West Coast Warlord | Part One – My upcoming bout is on the 28th off this month. I found out about the bout less than two weeks ago and then I spent the first week sick in bed. So, you know… I’ve had to do a crash camp and try and train hard, everybody who knows me knows I train hard. Put the work in and come fight night I have no excuses and I’m going to bring my A game. I’m fighting a guy from Mexico, as far as I know he’s 7 wins, 21 losses. Not the best record or anything but you know this fights’ to stay busy and keep me going until hopefully you can line up a TV fight in the future. But we’re beloved by the Mexican fans which is pretty unreal considering, you know we’re from two country’s away and they take us in as their own, cheer for us and its a very humbling experience getting to be a part and coming together with the Mexican people.

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