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The Analog Light Project

The world is moving fast. I throughly enjoy digital photography but I really feel the need to step back once in a while and learn the craft of photography before the digital age. I started The Analog Light Project for this reason. There is a huge resurgence in returning to hand made products and analog art and that has really inspired me. I have started collecting darkroom equipment, film cameras in hopes of creating images and products in a new / old way. My goal is to try photographing and developing in as many was as I can. From 35mm, 120, large format and beyond. I hope this project can inspire you as well.

04 Jan 2017

St. Ansel’s Fire

Last night after everyone was in bed I turned off all the lights in the house and locked myself in the bathroom where I thought could be the darkest place in the house to load some film in preparation for developing. I brought my Patterson tank that can process two rolls of 35mm. The film was a roll of Kodak 800 from a Fun Saver disposable camera that I had given to my son so he could take his own […]

01 Jan 2017

DX Encoding

Happy 2017 everyone! One of the fun parts about this project is all the “light bulb” moments I get when I figure out a mystery. I’ve become so digitized the analog world seems to hold a lot more mysterious tricks up it’s sleeves. I was out shooting a roll of Fuji 400 135 film the other day with my Pentax P3 and I realized I hadn’t set my film speed on the camera. I was looking all over the camera […]

18 Dec 2016

Cleaning Up

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve made an actual blog post. I’ve been pretty busy working on a new film project with Casey Bennett called Pine Valley Films. It’s what I’m calling a micro production company. But I have decided to give a little bit of time back to this project. Need to find balance. I have taken down my computer repair Facebook page to dedicate more time to art. I will still fix the odd computer but […]

15 May 2016


Picked up an August 1929 copy the Kodakery. Sounds like some sort of witchcraft manual. I suppose at one point photography was probably seen as some soul taker. Found it in an antique shop and I thought it would be cool to add to the collection. It has reasonable wear but over all for a small paper magazine from that year I’d say it’s a good find. In this issue you get to learn about what that f22 setting is […]

14 May 2016

Elmo Super 8 Sound 350SL

Picked up a new Super 8 video camera today. I really didn’t know anything about it other than it looked like it was in great physical condition. They had it marked at $70 and I offered $35… we settled on $40 since none of us really knew if it worked properly. I’m always taking the risk on old equipment but I have learned there can be many potential issues and I try to negotiate that in to the price. After getting […]

09 May 2016

Home Brew Darkroom

It’s a constant question online, how do you store your chemicals. Someone mentioned growler bottles from the craft brewery’s. Genius! The wife and I happened to be in Vancouver this past week and stopped in at the Granville Island Brewery for some taste testing and lunch. Checked out the gift shop and all the growlers were $5 each! I can’t even ship them at that price.

03 May 2016

Smena 8M

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Been busy with my many other projects like organizing my shop and finishing some outstanding repairs. I read an article online about the great image quality of a small T-43 lomography lens. I jumped on eBay and discovered it was the standard lens on a little plastic Soviet camera the Smena 8M. They were adapting the lens to work on some other camera but I thought the Smena looked pretty interesting. Mostly because […]

20 Apr 2016

The Ground Glass

I have mounted the lens with silicone calking, trying to find a nut to fit this would of taken a while. Someone on Instagram recommended it along with a hose clamp or two, it doesn’t have to be pretty inside the bellows. So its kind of exciting to think I could mount almost any lens in to this camera and experiment. I just need to make a lens board for each one unless of course future lenses actually come with […]

17 Apr 2016

Ricohflex Model VI

Picked up a new addition to the camera family today. A 1953 Ricoflex Model VI TLR (Twin Lens Reflex). They were asking $55 but I thought the shutter was broken so I offered $25 and they accepted. After playing around with it I realized the shutter was fine, you had to push up the shutter release to “cock” it. The focus was seized but after a couple good forceful moments it broke free and seems to move quite smoothly. It […]

14 Apr 2016

Force Fitting

You may have previously read with in the project that I bought an old brass lens which I would consider a Petzval lens. Since it wasn’t actually designed for this camera I have been putting off testing it for fear it would be a waste of time I suppose. So finally did a few tests this morning. This camera didn’t come with a lens or a lens board so I cut out a piece of card stock with the measurements […]

08 Apr 2016

The Camera

The book I ordered came in today, now hopefully I read it. I’m terrible at sitting down and actually reading anything substantial. Books are kind of like the vegetable drawer in the fridge for me. This is book one of a three part series. The next two books are The Negative and The Print. These titles are straight to the point. The first book covers everything I’m getting in to as far as cameras go. 35mm, medium format and large format. I […]

03 Apr 2016

Local Film Supply

So I’ve checked most of the stores in town with the exception of the gas stations and it looks like I have three choices for film locally. This will be considered the cheap film since I’m not ordering it online and paying shipping. I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t find at least one brand of black & white film. Now the big question is will this film get restocked after I buy it all? There’s a pretty good layer of […]

02 Apr 2016

Frame Loss Prevention

I picked up a couple new analog devices this morning. A Vivtar Electronic Flash Computer and a Gossen Lunasix 3 System Exposure Meter. They are both to help aid you in finding the correct exposures when your camera. The Vivitar is for flash photography with with a PC port to trigger flashes and take readings. The Gossen is more or your general purpose exposure meter. I do have a few cameras that don’t have a built in meter so it should […]

30 Mar 2016

135-120 Hack

I have come to the realization I cannot buy 120 film locally which somehow led to this discovery… Ever seen a photo of 35mm film fully exposed edge to edge and wondered how that was done? Well I did, I think that looks pretty damn cool. It’s essentially a 35mm film canister hack so you can fit it in a camera that usually only accepts 120 film. It requires little adapters on either side of the film canister to make it […]

13 Mar 2016

Show & Tell – G.O. Guy Drugs

Looking through some old family negative stash I realized the paper sleeves that the camera shops put the negatives in are actually pretty cool. This was one my great grandfather Oscar has developed in Seattle Washington. I’m unsure of the year unfortunately. But the great thing about this place was you could get your drugs, develop your film and get your fountain pen repaired! “G.O. Guy was a small chain of drugstores located in the Seattle area of the U.S. state of Washington. The chain was founded in […]

12 Mar 2016

No Scurvy For My Film

My Vitamin-C powder came in… also known as ascorbic acid. Looking at the jar I figured this would last forever. Well not quite, I’ve bene doing a few calculations on the cost of Caffenol. Now there are a few recipes for Caffenol out there but I will be working with one called Caffenol-C-M. Let’s do math together! Estimate based on preparing one litre of Caffenol per roll of film. Ascorbic Acid 500 grams $34.64 – 31 Rolls of Film @ […]

11 Mar 2016

Pentax 35mm Kit

I have 9 film cameras in which 7 were given to me. Out of those 7 film cameras 5 of them are Pentax. All 5 Pentax camera’s are 35mm. 2 of the 5 Pentax cameras have what I believe is a M42 lens mount which screws on…. I dislike that. The other 3 Pentax cameras have K-Mount (also known as a PK-Mount) lenses which in my opinion and probably everyone else’s opinion on earth are superior to the M42. Dizzy yet? […]

10 Mar 2016

Paterson Tank System 4

Out of all the developing tanks I have acquired I think I like this Paterson Tank System 4 the best. I was practicing loading the reels with my test film and its really quite simple. Keep in mind when loading the film on to the reel you have to be doing all of this in complete darkness so you need to train your hands to understand what the hell they are doing with out your eyeballs. This is why I’m […]

10 Mar 2016

Worth Your Weight In Grams

I’ve decided to pull the reigns back on the project a little bit and look at what I already have and decide on the quickest way to make progress in the project. So that would be to shoot and develop a roll of 35mm film. Not as exciting as 6×6 or 4×5 but It’s going to be able to happen a lot faster and I’m thinking the cost per error might be less. So I have a few rolls of […]

03 Mar 2016

Intro to Chemistry

This evening I was given some old Kodak chemistry from The Potato House in Williams Lake. Apparently they have been waiting for a person making a darkroom so they could finally get rid of it! If your not familiar with the Potato House “The Potato House Project is a community initiative to celebrate one of the last standing downtown heritage houses of Williams Lake. Purchased in May 2011, the Potato House is now held by the “Potato House Sustainable Community Society” – […]

26 Feb 2016

The Cull of the Equipment

Started cleaning out the future darkroom this afternoon which means finally dealing with all the “stuff” that just hangs out in your life for no apparent reason. On top of that I now have acquired three darkroom setups over the past year which means I have a decent pile of stuff. So this is my opportunity to start really looking at all this equipment and finding what’s broken and worn, what needs repair and so on. I  also need to understand […]

25 Feb 2016

The Petzval Lens

My lens arrived! It’s actually a bit bigger than I was expecting and has a nice weight to it. There is no aperture control but there is a focus adjustment not shown by the photo. I am assuming this is was is referred to as a Petzval Lens. According to wikipedia “The Petzval lens was developed in 1840 by Joseph Petzval. It consisted of two doublet lenses with an aperture stop in between. The front lens is well corrected for spherical aberrations but introduces coma. The second doublet corrects for […]

16 Feb 2016

Fully Caffeinated

I’ve been doing a little bit of research on developing film. I found a list of chemistry needed to develop the film such as the developer, and the fixer etc. But then you start your search to find a place that sells them all online since there are no local distributors. You find out very quickly that there doesn’t seem to be any one stop shop. The chemicals aren’t super expensive but if you factor in shipping and the fact […]

14 Feb 2016

Uneducated Financial Decisions

After chatting with some folks in a Wet Plate group on Facebook I was directed to an eBay auction for an old (patent date 1929) brass Bausch & Lomb lens. I really have no idea if it will work well in my 4×5. It is listed as large format lens, had a few measurements and that’s about it. My decision making check list was as follows… Is it a lens? – YES Does it have awesome patina? – YES Does […]

13 Feb 2016

The Enlarger Predicament

Well the best way to do photography is to have all the ingredients to make it work. I’m realizing I’m missing more and more ingredients the further I look. I don’t have an enlarger that can process 4×5 negatives…. slight issue. Clearly I will be on the hunt for one that will hopefully be reasonably priced. On the bright side I can enlarge negatives up to a 6×6! I currently have a Krokus 35 Color SL which as the name […]

12 Feb 2016

Large Format

Large format by definition is simply large film size. 4×5 and 8×10 film is the most popular sizes in large format. When someone mentions large format photography I instantly think film, tin or glass plate. Did you know you can shoot large format photography digitally? Well… You can. I can’t say I know a single person that shoots large format digitally because the cost is astronomical. A digital back for a modern view camera starts at $10k USD on B&H […]

11 Feb 2016

In The Navy

Well what would you know, after hanging out with my friend Google… we discovered Graflex did in fact build special edition cameras for the Navy. “US Navy Graphic View II. The only(?) Graflex view camera with an official military metal plate, mounted on the upper right of the front standard. Black bellows usually fitted instead of the usual red. Later versions (from early 1960s) appear to be more common with red bellows and have no Navy ID plate. Equipped with Kodak […]

10 Feb 2016

The Time Machine

The inspiration has been unleashed! From my short stint of research I have concluded this is a Graphic View II 4×5 View Camera introduced by Graflex Inc. in Rochester New York in 1949. The determining factor identifying the Graphic View I and the II seems to be the length of the bellows (stretchy black accordion part). The original has a length of 12″ and the model II has 16″. I bought this camera about 4 years ago at a garage sale from […]

09 Feb 2016


This is the beginning of a new project. And with every project comes failure and success. Both of which I expect an equal amount of. I will be learning the roots of photography and I hope you can follow along and learn with me. It will not be a quick project, there is much to do. It all begins with inspiration. And inside this box is the inspiration.