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01 Jan 2017

DX Encoding

Happy 2017 everyone! One of the fun parts about this project is all the “light bulb” moments I get when I figure out a mystery. I’ve become so digitized the analog world seems to hold a lot more mysterious tricks up it’s sleeves. I was out shooting a roll of Fuji 400 135 film the other day with my Pentax P3 and I realized I hadn’t set my film speed on the camera. I was looking all over the camera […]

18 Dec 2016

Cleaning Up

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve made an actual blog post. I’ve been pretty busy working on a new film project with Casey Bennett called Pine Valley Films. It’s what I’m calling a micro production company. But I have decided to give a little bit of time back to this project. Need to find balance. I have taken down my computer repair Facebook page to dedicate more time to art. I will still fix the odd computer but […]

14 May 2016

Elmo Super 8 Sound 350SL

Picked up a new Super 8 video camera today. I really didn’t know anything about it other than it looked like it was in great physical condition. They had it marked at $70 and I offered $35… we settled on $40 since none of us really knew if it worked properly. I’m always taking the risk on old equipment but I have learned there can be many potential issues and I try to negotiate that in to the price. After getting […]

03 May 2016

Smena 8M

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Been busy with my many other projects like organizing my shop and finishing some outstanding repairs. I read an article online about the great image quality of a small T-43 lomography lens. I jumped on eBay and discovered it was the standard lens on a little plastic Soviet camera the Smena 8M. They were adapting the lens to work on some other camera but I thought the Smena looked pretty interesting. Mostly because […]

20 Apr 2016

The Ground Glass

I have mounted the lens with silicone calking, trying to find a nut to fit this would of taken a while. Someone on Instagram recommended it along with a hose clamp or two, it doesn’t have to be pretty inside the bellows. So its kind of exciting to think I could mount almost any lens in to this camera and experiment. I just need to make a lens board for each one unless of course future lenses actually come with […]

17 Apr 2016

Ricohflex Model VI

Picked up a new addition to the camera family today. A 1953 Ricoflex Model VI TLR (Twin Lens Reflex). They were asking $55 but I thought the shutter was broken so I offered $25 and they accepted. After playing around with it I realized the shutter was fine, you had to push up the shutter release to “cock” it. The focus was seized but after a couple good forceful moments it broke free and seems to move quite smoothly. It […]

14 Apr 2016

Force Fitting

You may have previously read with in the project that I bought an old brass lens which I would consider a Petzval lens. Since it wasn’t actually designed for this camera I have been putting off testing it for fear it would be a waste of time I suppose. So finally did a few tests this morning. This camera didn’t come with a lens or a lens board so I cut out a piece of card stock with the measurements […]

11 Mar 2016

Pentax 35mm Kit

I have 9 film cameras in which 7 were given to me. Out of those 7 film cameras 5 of them are Pentax. All 5 Pentax camera’s are 35mm. 2 of the 5 Pentax cameras have what I believe is a M42 lens mount which screws on…. I dislike that. The other 3 Pentax cameras have K-Mount (also known as a PK-Mount) lenses which in my opinion and probably everyone else’s opinion on earth are superior to the M42. Dizzy yet? […]

11 Feb 2016

In The Navy

Well what would you know, after hanging out with my friend Google… we discovered Graflex did in fact build special edition cameras for the Navy. “US Navy Graphic View II. The only(?) Graflex view camera with an official military metal plate, mounted on the upper right of the front standard. Black bellows usually fitted instead of the usual red. Later versions (from early 1960s) appear to be more common with red bellows and have no Navy ID plate. Equipped with Kodak […]

10 Feb 2016

The Time Machine

The inspiration has been unleashed! From my short stint of research I have concluded this is a Graphic View II 4×5 View Camera introduced by Graflex Inc. in Rochester New York in 1949. The determining factor identifying the Graphic View I and the II seems to be the length of the bellows (stretchy black accordion part). The original has a length of 12″ and the model II has 16″. I bought this camera about 4 years ago at a garage sale from […]

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