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04 Jan 2017

St. Ansel’s Fire

Last night after everyone was in bed I turned off all the lights in the house and locked myself in the bathroom where I thought could be the darkest place in the house to load some film in preparation for developing. I brought my Patterson tank that can process two rolls of 35mm. The film was a roll of Kodak 800 from a Fun Saver disposable camera that I had given to my son so he could take his own […]

18 Dec 2016

Cleaning Up

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve made an actual blog post. I’ve been pretty busy working on a new film project with Casey Bennett called Pine Valley Films. It’s what I’m calling a micro production company. But I have decided to give a little bit of time back to this project. Need to find balance. I have taken down my computer repair Facebook page to dedicate more time to art. I will still fix the odd computer but […]

09 May 2016

Home Brew Darkroom

It’s a constant question online, how do you store your chemicals. Someone mentioned growler bottles from the craft brewery’s. Genius! The wife and I happened to be in Vancouver this past week and stopped in at the Granville Island Brewery for some taste testing and lunch. Checked out the gift shop and all the growlers were $5 each! I can’t even ship them at that price.

12 Mar 2016

No Scurvy For My Film

My Vitamin-C powder came in… also known as ascorbic acid. Looking at the jar I figured this would last forever. Well not quite, I’ve bene doing a few calculations on the cost of Caffenol. Now there are a few recipes for Caffenol out there but I will be working with one called Caffenol-C-M. Let’s do math together! Estimate based on preparing one litre of Caffenol per roll of film. Ascorbic Acid 500 grams $34.64 – 31 Rolls of Film @ […]

10 Mar 2016

Paterson Tank System 4

Out of all the developing tanks I have acquired I think I like this Paterson Tank System 4 the best. I was practicing loading the reels with my test film and its really quite simple. Keep in mind when loading the film on to the reel you have to be doing all of this in complete darkness so you need to train your hands to understand what the hell they are doing with out your eyeballs. This is why I’m […]

10 Mar 2016

Worth Your Weight In Grams

I’ve decided to pull the reigns back on the project a little bit and look at what I already have and decide on the quickest way to make progress in the project. So that would be to shoot and develop a roll of 35mm film. Not as exciting as 6×6 or 4×5 but It’s going to be able to happen a lot faster and I’m thinking the cost per error might be less. So I have a few rolls of […]

03 Mar 2016

Intro to Chemistry

This evening I was given some old Kodak chemistry from The Potato House in Williams Lake. Apparently they have been waiting for a person making a darkroom so they could finally get rid of it! If your not familiar with the Potato House “The Potato House Project is a community initiative to celebrate one of the last standing downtown heritage houses of Williams Lake. Purchased in May 2011, the Potato House is now held by the “Potato House Sustainable Community Society” – […]

16 Feb 2016

Fully Caffeinated

I’ve been doing a little bit of research on developing film. I found a list of chemistry needed to develop the film such as the developer, and the fixer etc. But then you start your search to find a place that sells them all online since there are no local distributors. You find out very quickly that there doesn’t seem to be any one stop shop. The chemicals aren’t super expensive but if you factor in shipping and the fact […]

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