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04 Jan 2017

St. Ansel’s Fire

Last night after everyone was in bed I turned off all the lights in the house and locked myself in the bathroom where I thought could be the darkest place in the house to load some film in preparation for developing. I brought my Patterson tank that can process two rolls of 35mm. The film was a roll of Kodak 800 from a Fun Saver disposable camera that I had given to my son so he could take his own […]

01 Jan 2017

DX Encoding

Happy 2017 everyone! One of the fun parts about this project is all the “light bulb” moments I get when I figure out a mystery. I’ve become so digitized the analog world seems to hold a lot more mysterious tricks up it’s sleeves. I was out shooting a roll of Fuji 400 135 film the other day with my Pentax P3 and I realized I hadn’t set my film speed on the camera. I was looking all over the camera […]

03 Apr 2016

Local Film Supply

So I’ve checked most of the stores in town with the exception of the gas stations and it looks like I have three choices for film locally. This will be considered the cheap film since I’m not ordering it online and paying shipping. I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t find at least one brand of black & white film. Now the big question is will this film get restocked after I buy it all? There’s a pretty good layer of […]

10 Mar 2016

Paterson Tank System 4

Out of all the developing tanks I have acquired I think I like this Paterson Tank System 4 the best. I was practicing loading the reels with my test film and its really quite simple. Keep in mind when loading the film on to the reel you have to be doing all of this in complete darkness so you need to train your hands to understand what the hell they are doing with out your eyeballs. This is why I’m […]

10 Mar 2016

Worth Your Weight In Grams

I’ve decided to pull the reigns back on the project a little bit and look at what I already have and decide on the quickest way to make progress in the project. So that would be to shoot and develop a roll of 35mm film. Not as exciting as 6×6 or 4×5 but It’s going to be able to happen a lot faster and I’m thinking the cost per error might be less. So I have a few rolls of […]

12 Feb 2016

Large Format

Large format by definition is simply large film size. 4×5 and 8×10 film is the most popular sizes in large format. When someone mentions large format photography I instantly think film, tin or glass plate. Did you know you can shoot large format photography digitally? Well… You can. I can’t say I know a single person that shoots large format digitally because the cost is astronomical. A digital back for a modern view camera starts at $10k USD on B&H […]

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