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14 Apr 2016

Force Fitting

You may have previously read with in the project that I bought an old brass lens which I would consider a Petzval lens. Since it wasn’t actually designed for this camera I have been putting off testing it for fear it would be a waste of time I suppose. So finally did a few tests this morning. This camera didn’t come with a lens or a lens board so I cut out a piece of card stock with the measurements […]

25 Feb 2016

The Petzval Lens

My lens arrived! It’s actually a bit bigger than I was expecting and has a nice weight to it. There is no aperture control but there is a focus adjustment not shown by the photo. I am assuming this is was is referred to as a Petzval Lens. According to wikipedia “The Petzval lens was developed in 1840 by Joseph Petzval. It consisted of two doublet lenses with an aperture stop in between. The front lens is well corrected for spherical aberrations but introduces coma. The second doublet corrects for […]

14 Feb 2016

Uneducated Financial Decisions

After chatting with some folks in a Wet Plate group on Facebook I was directed to an eBay auction for an old (patent date 1929) brass Bausch & Lomb lens. I really have no idea if it will work well in my 4×5. It is listed as large format lens, had a few measurements and that’s about it. My decision making check list was as follows… Is it a lens? – YES Does it have awesome patina? – YES Does […]

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