Category : Show & Tell

15 May 2016


Picked up an August 1929 copy the Kodakery. Sounds like some sort of witchcraft manual. I suppose at one point photography was probably seen as some soul taker. Found it in an antique shop and I thought it would be cool to add to the collection. It has reasonable wear but over all for a small paper magazine from that year I’d say it’s a good find. In this issue you get to learn about what that f22 setting is […]

13 Mar 2016

Show & Tell – G.O. Guy Drugs

Looking through some old family negative stash I realized the paper sleeves that the camera shops put the negatives in are actually pretty cool. This was one my great grandfather Oscar has developed in Seattle Washington. I’m unsure of the year unfortunately. But the great thing about this place was you could get your drugs, develop your film and get your fountain pen repaired! “G.O. Guy was a small chain of drugstores located in the Seattle area of the U.S. state of Washington. The chain was founded in […]

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