Cleaning Up

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve made an actual blog post. I’ve been pretty busy working on a new film project with Casey Bennett called Pine Valley Films. It’s what I’m calling a micro production company. But I have decided to give a little bit of time back to this project. Need to find balance. I have taken down my computer repair Facebook page to dedicate more time to art. I will still fix the odd computer but it’s work, not an active interest such as photography and filmmaking. I only have so much time.

Currently I’m back in to the room destined to be the darkroom, organizing and cleaning the space. I am also opening up the wall so I can work on splicing in to the drainage plumbing for a sink in the darkroom. I was really hoping it was going to be easier but I see a jackhammer in the near future.

I have ordered some Portra 160 120 film and a kit to develop C-41 film. Once I have perfected the art of developing the film I am considering offering the service to the Williams Lake area if there is enough demand. As the photo shows I have torn apart my Ricohflex Model Vi so I can clean all the lenses, mirror, ground glass and magnifier in preparation of film arriving. This is the only camera I have that has a chance at making decent 6×6 images I believe. I am a little concerned the focus is out, but I won’t really know until I shoot a roll or two. I have another TLR but I don’t really trust it’s operation at all. I’ll probably blow through a roll of cheaper Kodak Gold for some test developments before I go shooting with the Portra.

Shooting and developing a roll of 120 really is step one for me. I had initially planned on developing B&W first but there are a lot of considerations and variables to be made. What you shoot and develop with can be very specific. On another note I need to decide on a film that can come in 135, 120 and 4×5 sheet and all be developed with the same chemistry for cost purposes. So far I believe that film might be Ilford HP5. I’ll get in to more detail about B&W down the road. Color C-41 film is kind of unique in the film world where it had become very standardized and it’s very easy to just use a different brand of film as long as it’s C-41. That’s just developing the film, not creating prints. That’s step 2.

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