Elmo Super 8 Sound 350SL

Picked up a new Super 8 video camera today. I really didn’t know anything about it other than it looked like it was in great physical condition. They had it marked at $70 and I offered $35… we settled on $40 since none of us really knew if it worked properly. I’m always taking the risk on old equipment but I have learned there can be many potential issues and I try to negotiate that in to the price.

After getting home and playing around I realized it used 6 regular AA batteries. Popped in a set and what do you know, it seems like everything works. Zoom can be electronically controlled or manually. The metering is through the lens and can be controlled manually as well. It does have audio capabilities with the right film stock. I assume I can use regular super 8 cartridges as well without audio? There was one cartridge already loaded and two more Kodak Ektachrome 160’s still sealed inside their box’s. The expiry date? March 1981 🙂 I won’t go in to the rest of what it can do but for a Super 8 camera it has a lot of great features and it will be really cool to shoot a short film with it. Too bad it looks like it very expensive to create anything with Super 8 these days.

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