Hello Dolly | Part Four

Hello Dolly – Part Four

My friend was an extra and she wanted to pick up her pay cheque and asked me if I would go with her, and I said “sure”. So I went with her and a fellow came over and said “are you an extra?” and I said “no”. He said “would you like to try?” and I said “yes”. He said “well would you come over and talk to the director over here?”. I went over and he said “we are having a Canada wide search for an Inuit woman and he said you fit the bill of what we want. Would you like to try for it?” and I said “sure”. I made an appointment and went down and got the part.

I was in a thousand pictures as an extra.

The most fun I had doing a movie was Alaska (1996) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115493/). It had a lot of locals actors, Vancouver actors and Hollywood actors in it. The feature was a baby polar bear, he grew so fat and so big while we were filming in Ucluelet. There was a pilot in there, he used to fly all over the mountains in this little plane. He had two childeren, a girl and a boy, I looked after them. My husband had the store there and I (Mrs. Ben, Dolly’s character) used to help in the store.

The town was so beautiful to the all the actors and all the people there. I’m so old I can’t even remember all the actors in there. I can see all their faces but I can’t remember their names. You will have to forgive me for that. But I hope you have all seen it, it was a wonderful movie. Especially for children.

I used to go 14 hours a day in a bus. We’d sit on a set where it was on top of a mountain, or was in a field or was on the street or in a hotel. The actors would come in and wave at us or smile at us. The hardest part in the acting career, of all the natives I worked with, most of the time I was the only one in who was in the Union. They had meals for non-union people and they had union (separate). I found it so hard, when they didn’t serve us coffee at 10 o’clock I’d just say I’m going for coffee and look around at them and they’d just follow me and we’d just go over there with all our coffee’s and no one would say a word. It was bad though, they shouldn’t do things like that. I guess that was the way it was in any industry. I got $25 or 30 dollars an hour and they got $10. I got overtime and they didn’t.

20 years I did that. I really enjoyed it, I met so many people and every nationality. I met so many movie stars that were funny. You know the person I liked the best of all was Wonder Woman, the old Wonder Woman. She was so beautiful, so beautiful… and so nice. I did lot a lot of romance novels with that red headed lady singer (Reba McEntire). She did all the movies for Harlequin Books. My second husband Nells, you see him in Snow Falling on Cedars (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120834/). I was supposed to be a principal but I got lost in all the Japanese people. I was sitting right behind the stars. My husband was on the Jury and they showed him a lot. That was a beautiful movie. It was about the Japanese concentration camps in Canada and the the States.

I liked what’s his name in Star Trek (William Shatner) he’s fun. I did lots of movies in outer space but a lot of them we had masks on.

Danny DeVito gave everybody silver pennies when he played in a movie with them. He had them made specially. They looks just like dimes. Just so he knew he was in a movie with you. They were all nice, they were all very, very nice.

(The photo above is of Dolly on a set with the man who played the head of the mob (movie title pending email). The scene was of the mob leaders grandson’s birthday party where he presented him with a handgun as a gift. Dolly is waiting to receive and email back from the actors union that will include a list of all the movies she was in. I sifted through the movie Elf and Alaska and found her, it was pretty fun to find and pick out her characters.)

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