Hello Dolly | Part Three

I was born in 1927 but my brother was born in January and I was born in November the same year. I was so small I had no hair, no fingernails and they didn’t think I was going to live. They hadn’t registered Georgie yet, so they put me in a shoe box and stuck me in the warming oven on my moms kitchen stove. I think I was there for two or three months. When my father went to register us then next year he didn’t speak that good of english so they got Georgie born on the 27th and me on the 28th. SO I’m 88 but actually I should be 89. He was 14 ½ lbs and they couldn’t weigh me because they didn’t have anything to weigh me on.
Some people are born to live, they truly are. I just think you got a time limit to live and no matter what you do and what you don’t want to do you have to out live it. A lot of people think I’m crazy because I believe in reincarnation but I don’t think you can fulfill whatever our creator wants us to do in one life. All the mistakes, we have to come back and pay for.

(Pictured are Dolly’s parents with sibling Kay)

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