Hello Dolly | Part Two

(Dolly can be found in this photo of a Catholic picnic on the right hand side, with glasses beside the boy holding the baseball)

After my parents died and after I was separated from my sisters and brothers, I went to Vernon. My mother had friends up there. Natives have people they call sisters that really aren’t your sisters. I was sent there and the army was there then. There was a huge army camp. I was sent to Cherryville, that’s north of Lumby and I went to school there. Me and my cousin. You can’t believe what school was like. We got up at 5 o’clock we walked two and a half miles to school, we lit the fire, walked down to the creek and got a pale of water and warmed up the school before the teacher came. And we were just kids! Honest to God! We had everything ready for her when she came. I think there was nine of us because they had to have nine of us to keep the school open. And they were everywhere from grade one to seven. We cut the firewood, we did everything. It was so different. We had teachers from the city which we gave a bad time to. We just did little tricks on them, got them riding horses they couldn’t ride and things like that. In those days teachers came and they lived with one of the families. Because it was all rural. 

Every saturday night they had a dance, never had them on a friday because nobody had a bath on friday. Not till friday night then they could dance on Saturday. I learned to dance on old mens feet. I’d stand on their shoes, all the girls would stand on their shoes and away we go we learned every dance on there. Because there was lots of old men, there were no young men after the army, after the war (WWII).

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