Large Format

Large format by definition is simply large film size. 4×5 and 8×10 film is the most popular sizes in large format.

When someone mentions large format photography I instantly think film, tin or glass plate. Did you know you can shoot large format photography digitally? Well… You can. I can’t say I know a single person that shoots large format digitally because the cost is astronomical. A digital back for a modern view camera starts at $10k USD on B&H right now. I don’t know anyone that even shoots medium format! There are quite a few digital fashion photographers that shoot medium format with cameras from names such as Hasselblad and Phase One. There are other brand options but those two are ranked fairly high.

So back to the analog world, my Graphic View camera uses 4×5 film sheet film. That is literally a singular sheet of film measuring 4 inches by 5 inches. If you compare that to a 35mm frame the difference is massive.

Why shoot large format? The detail. Think about creating an 8×10 enlargement from a 35mm film negative. You need to enlarge the frame 8 times. With a 4×5 negative it just doubles.

Through out this project I hope to shoot a variety of sizes from 35mm to 8×10. Once I have good results with that, if I’m not worn out I’d like to go even larger. I currently do not own a camera capable of shooting 8×10’s. There are rumours in my head that I may try building one.


Pictured above is one of the film packs or film holders for my 4×5 camera.

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