Local Film Supply

So I’ve checked most of the stores in town with the exception of the gas stations and it looks like I have three choices for film locally. This will be considered the cheap film since I’m not ordering it online and paying shipping. I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t find at least one brand of black & white film. Now the big question is will this film get restocked after I buy it all? There’s a pretty good layer of dust on each of the three boxes I have bought.

As for pricing there is a bit of difference. The cheapest of the bunch is the Kodak Gold 200 at about $12. Secondly is the Kodak Ultramax 400 at about $15. Then the Fuji Superia X-tra 400 at $20. I like the Kodak Gold pricing and there seems to be a decent following of that film because of price point.

So once I get organized and I figure out processing I’ll probably start ordering in some other types of film. I need to get some C-41 developing kits I think since I seem to be surrounded by color film. I don’t think Caffenol stands a chance with color film unfortunatly. There are a lot of options out there surprisingly.

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