Michael White

Michael White

I am Michael White. I am half Filipino – half British. I was born in New Westminster, but left Canada when I was 8 months because my parents got divorced.
I grew up in the Philippines with just my mother taking care of me. At an early age, I already knew how difficult life is in a third world country. It was hard to find a decent job and it is especially hard when you are living in a rough neighbourhood. Even though we were poor, we were happy because our culture taught us to be resilient, to smile even if everything seems hard.
I left the Philippines and went back here in Canada to help give my mother a better life. Unfortunately, she passed away 1 year after I was settled here in Canada. I chose to stay here because my odds for a bright future is better here compared to the Philippines. I miss my family and friends back home, but Canada is my new home.

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