No Scurvy For My Film

My Vitamin-C powder came in… also known as ascorbic acid. Looking at the jar I figured this would last forever. Well not quite, I’ve bene doing a few calculations on the cost of Caffenol. Now there are a few recipes for Caffenol out there but I will be working with one called Caffenol-C-M. Let’s do math together!

Estimate based on preparing one litre of Caffenol per roll of film.

Ascorbic Acid 500 grams $34.64 – 31 Rolls of Film @ $1.12 per litre

Sodium Carbonate 500 grams $7.27 – 9 Rolls of Film @ $0.81 per litre

Instant Coffee (Price varies depending on brand, do not buy decaffeinated) let’s calculate this based on one from Walmart since the one I bought at Save On was probably a little bit expensive. Maxwell House 200 grams $5.57 – 5 Rolls of Film @ $1.11 per litre

Distilled Water 5 Gallons (189 litres) $5.00 – 189 Rolls of Film @ $0.03 per litre



Seems reasonable to me. Keep in mind you will need fixer as well which will be an added cost. Fixer can also be reused quite a few times, from what I read it sounds like a safe estimate for a batch of fixer is about 30 rolls of film.


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