Paterson Tank System 4

Out of all the developing tanks I have acquired I think I like this Paterson Tank System 4 the best. I was practicing loading the reels with my test film and its really quite simple. Keep in mind when loading the film on to the reel you have to be doing all of this in complete darkness so you need to train your hands to understand what the hell they are doing with out your eyeballs. This is why I’m keeping the test roll intact just for training purposes. I have seen lots of different methods online and I think I prefer leaving the film in the canister and feeding about a foot at a time leaving the canister to dangle and keep weight on the film while it’s benign reeled up. I have watched other people crack open the film canister and then load it but to see it seems the film is more susceptible to scratches and extra handling.

The nice thing about this tank is you can develop two rolls at the same time and the reels are adjustable for different size films which I think at the point, the only other size I would probably use in this tank is 120.


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