Pentax 35mm Kit

I haveĀ 9 film cameras in which 7 were given to me. Out of those 7 film cameras 5 of them are Pentax. All 5 Pentax camera’s are 35mm. 2 of the 5 Pentax cameras have what I believe is a M42 lens mount which screws on…. I dislike that. The other 3 Pentax cameras have K-Mount (also known as a PK-Mount) lenses which in my opinion and probably everyone else’s opinion on earth are superior to the M42. Dizzy yet? With all this Pentax madness I now have 7 K-Mount lenses. I think it’s safe to say when it comes to shooting 35mm I will be shooting with Pentax for the time being.

The kit consists of the following…

Body – Pentax P3

Body – Pentax Asahi ME with the Film Winder Grip

28mm f2.8-22 Hanimex

28mm f2-16 Kiron (Makes weird sounds when moved around)

28mm f2.8-22 Pentax-M

50mm f2 Pentax-M

50mm f2 Pentax-A

35-70mm f4-f22 Pentax-A

80-200mm f4.5-32 Pentax-M

2x Vivitar Auto Thyristor 2800 hotshoe flash units with a few coloured filters.

Not bad, thats a bigger kit than my digital kit… that just seems wrong. Not bad for free right!? There are a few similar lens’s so I’ll have to determine if I want to drag all of them around but who knows maybe I want to operate two bodies with two different films with a 50mm on both.




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