Salvaging the Past | Part One

“We moved here in 1951 from Vancouver Island. In September, my brother missed the first day of school and I was too young to go to school back then. But anyways, the reason we were running an autowreckers was because my father had a sawmill and he sold the lumber quota to Lignum Ltd. in 1956, about August or so. So he had to go somewhere, so he bought this property, moved his sawmill here, cause it didn’t go with the timber sale and he sold the mill off separately. He started autowrecking in spring of 1957. We spent the winter of 56’/57′ hauling various cars from used car lots, yards and everything else so we got some stock and we did it with a leased wrecker from Beath Motors which is now Lake City Ford. There used to be Beath Motors Quesnel and Beath Motors Williams Lake, but it was Beath Motors Williams Lake we were leasing from, branch of the Quesnel outfit or something. Before that, it was… goddammit… what’s the name of… Neufeld brothers. John and Hank Neufeld. They moved the old original building, not the one that’s there now, but the old building, the one before they renovated it, they cut that thing in eight foot sections in Wells and hauled ‘er down in trucks and stood ‘er back up. That part of the old building they used to have where the parts department was — that building was made in Wells and hauled ‘er down, cut ‘er up with saws, and I said “What’d you do?” Cut ‘er with 8 foot power saws and 8 foot wide, cause there was no 8’6 wide then. They made them 8’ wide and had ‘er up on the trucks, hauled ‘er down and put ‘er back together again. We did things way different back then.”

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