Smena 8M

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Been busy with my many other projects like organizing my shop and finishing some outstanding repairs.

I read an article online about the great image quality of a small T-43 lomography lens. I jumped on eBay and discovered it was the standard lens on a little plastic Soviet camera the Smena 8M. They were adapting the lens to work on some other camera but I thought the Smena looked pretty interesting. Mostly because of its low cost to purchase. I had this camera bought and shipped from Kazan, Russia for $25. The article warned you to not pay more than $50 USD just for the lens, so that all seemed reasonable to me. It finally arrived today which I kind of actually kind of forgot about.

First of the lens seems to be heavier than the entire camera itself partly due to the lens actually being real glass. The film is a bit fidgety to load, you actually have to cut the leader narrower but on the opposite side to fit in to the take up spool. Next you adjust your film speed which actually forces the aperture setting at the same time by literally rotating the centre of the lens. The combinations are…

ISO 16 – f4

ISO 32 – f5.6

ISO 64 – f8

ISO 125 – f11

ISO 250 – f16

For shutter speeds, you have the actual values B, 15, 30, 60, 125, 1/250 or you can choose cute weather icons from cloudy to sunny! Next look through the almost useless viewfinder off to the left side, compose, cock the shutter and hope to hell it worked out.

It seems the claim to fame for the camera is it’s extremely easy ability to create multiple exposures. After taking the first image there is no mechanism to stop you from taking another exposure right over the first exposure. You have to be vigilant in advancing the film manually if you are not attempting to create a multiple exposure.

Should be fun experimenting.

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