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Chai Tea with a Dash of PTSD

I’m over the hump now but this is what it was like for me...
15th Nov 17

Michael White

I am Michael White. I am half Filipino – half British. I was born...
15th Oct 17

Hello Dolly | Part Three

(Pictured are Dolly’s parents with sibling Kay) I was born in 1927 but my...
10th Feb 17

Hello Dolly | Part Four

My friend was an extra and she wanted to pick up her pay cheque...
10th Feb 17

The West Coast Warlord | Part One

The West Coast Warlord | Part One – My upcoming bout is on the...
21st Jan 17

Against The Wind | Part One

“I was sent to residential school at the age of six years old. Out...
22nd Dec 16

Salvaging the Past | Part One

“We moved here in 1951 from Vancouver Island. In September, my brother missed the...
22nd Dec 16

Hello Dolly | Part Two

(Dolly can be found in this photo of a Catholic picnic on the right...
16th Jul 16

Hello Dolly | Part One

I had a Chinese father and an Indian mother. They had a brood of...
14th Jul 16