The Enlarger Predicament

Well the best way to do photography is to have all the ingredients to make it work. I’m realizing I’m missing more and more ingredients the further I look. I don’t have an enlarger that can process 4×5 negatives…. slight issue. Clearly I will be on the hunt for one that will hopefully be reasonably priced. On the bright side I can enlarge negatives up to a 6×6!

I currently have a Krokus 35 Color SL which as the name suggest a 35mm film enlarger. But according to some folks on the internet it also does 4×4 which is 127 film apparently. I’m a little confused why the color is in the name since it seems like a B&W enlarger but it does have a red filter. I do not believe I have any cameras that shoot 4×4.

The other enlarger I have is a Durst M605 Color which does in fact do color. These came out in 1981 and is capable of working with 6×6 film (6cm x 6cm) which is┬ámedium format. Oddly enough I actually have a camera I believe shoots 6×6. I’ll talk about that next time. I’ll eventually have to do a comparison between both enlargers for quality while enlarging 35mm film. It may be counter productive to set up both enlargers in the eventual darkroom. There’s a good write op on the M605 here.

So it’s a bit of a disappointment I can’t work with large format just yet but I’ll keep on hunting for the rest of the goods I need to make that happen. Until then I’ll have a serious look at my 6×6 camera to keep the progress moving along.

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