The Ground Glass

I have mounted the lens with silicone calking, trying to find a nut to fit this would of taken a while. Someone on Instagram recommended it along with a hose clamp or two, it doesn’t have to be pretty inside the bellows. So its kind of exciting to think I could mount almost any lens in to this camera and experiment. I just need to make a lens board for each one unless of course future lenses actually come with all the mounting hardware.

I tried to take a cool sunset photo of the ground glass the other night but by the time I left the house I was literally chasing the sun around and just burned a bunch of gas. This isn’t easy to run around with, its pretty hefty, bulky and I’m paranoid of ripping the bellows or dropping the lens. It’s safe to say this is not considered a point and shoot. This is pretty fun to compose with though, as you can tell by the ground glass everything is upside-down. It doesn’t matter how many times I read that the image will be upside down it feels amazing every time I see an image on the ground glass. Just operating all the knobs and focusing your image is a cool experience on this. The overall focal length of this lens, whatever that may be feels like this will make a great portrait lens.

Next step… I need to focus on the darkroom. I have 35mm, 120 and 4×5 cameras ready to go.


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