Uneducated Financial Decisions

After chatting with some folks in a Wet Plate group on Facebook I was directed to an eBay auction for an old (patent date 1929) brass Bausch & Lomb lens. I really have no idea if it will work well in my 4×5. It is listed as large format lens, had a few measurements and that’s about it.

My decision making check list was as follows…

Is it a lens? – YES

Does it have awesome patina? – YES

Does it look smashed up? – NO

Does it cost a lot? – NOT REALLY

Is it cool looking? – YES

Will it work in my camera? – NO IDEA

So based on this checklist it looks like its a good idea to buy this lens. I made one bid over the one and only bid it had and I actually won! It’s is also built in the same city as my Graphic View camera oddly enough. Anyways I’m excited to hold it and see it in person. With any luck it might of been a good idea.


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