Worth Your Weight In Grams

I’ve decided to pull the reigns back on the project a little bit and look at what I already have and decide on the quickest way to make progress in the project. So that would be to shoot and develop a roll of 35mm film. Not as exciting as 6×6 or 4×5 but It’s going to be able to happen a lot faster and I’m thinking the cost per error might be less. So I have a few rolls of expired (1996) 36 exposure black & white Ilford FP4 ISO 125 film that have been in the freezer for a long time. I did shoot half a roll about 8 months back in one of my Pentax cameras…. I can’t remember which one but once I figure that out maybe I’ll develop that roll. I have opened one of the rolls in the attached photo. I’m using this roll as a practice roll to load in to the Paterson Tank System 4 I have. I’ll post more on that later.

I’m still planning on trying to develop using Caffenol and other than the instant coffee I already bought I still needed a few more items. So I still needed a scale that is accurate within 1 gram, luckily these Starfrit scales were on sale at Canadian Tire for $12… can’t go wrong at that price. It also measures in millilitres, fluid ounces and pounds. That should hopefully cover all measurements needed.  After a bit of research I found that Washing Soda also known as sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate is baking soda) can be found in the pool / spa section as a “Spa Booster” which was also found at Canadian Tire HERE. The next item I’m missing is Vitamin-C powder which is also known as ascorbic acid. I have put in an order with a local pharmacy for a 500 gram container which should hopefully arrive in a few days.

Last but not least I need a fixer. I have read a fair amount about fixing after developing with Caffenol and it seems like there is no good replacement for a chemical fixer. I have been reading up on the chemicals needed to make my own fixer but that’s starting to look like I’ll need to source out quite a few items. But after sorting out some more darkroom equipment I found a half box of Ilford Ilfofix. I’m assuming since it’s the powered kind it should still be ok to use. I’ll look in to that before mixing up a batch.

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