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15 Nov 2017

Chai Tea with a Dash of PTSD

I’m over the hump now but this is what it was like for me when I was deep in to it. Everybody that has PTSD has their own reason that they have it. How they express that PTSD outwards or inwards is just as varied as there is people. So my experience with PTSD is a direct relation to how I got it. One of the things you are not supposed to do is, you are not supposed to put […]

15 Oct 2017
Michael White

Michael White

I am Michael White. I am half Filipino – half British. I was born in New Westminster, but left Canada when I was 8 months because my parents got divorced. I grew up in the Philippines with just my mother taking care of me. At an early age, I already knew how difficult life is in a third world country. It was hard to find a decent job and it is especially hard when you are living in a rough […]

10 Feb 2017

Hello Dolly | Part Three

I was born in 1927 but my brother was born in January and I was born in November the same year. I was so small I had no hair, no fingernails and they didn’t think I was going to live. They hadn’t registered Georgie yet, so they put me in a shoe box and stuck me in the warming oven on my moms kitchen stove. I think I was there for two or three months. When my father went to […]

10 Feb 2017

Hello Dolly | Part Four

Hello Dolly – Part Four My friend was an extra and she wanted to pick up her pay cheque and asked me if I would go with her, and I said “sure”. So I went with her and a fellow came over and said “are you an extra?” and I said “no”. He said “would you like to try?” and I said “yes”. He said “well would you come over and talk to the director over here?”. I went over […]

22 Dec 2016
Against the Wind

Against The Wind

Against the Wind “I was sent to residential school at the age of six years old. Out of my brothers, which were 4 other brothers and two sisters, I was the only one that did not spend very long in residential school. Under a year I was adopted by another family, named Eddie and Maria Alexander from Alexandria First Nations. They had a lot of courage and a lot of trust and a lot of patience and respect in how […]

22 Dec 2016

Salvaging the Past | Part One

“We moved here in 1951 from Vancouver Island. In September, my brother missed the first day of school and I was too young to go to school back then. But anyways, the reason we were running an autowreckers was because my father had a sawmill and he sold the lumber quota to Lignum Ltd. in 1956, about August or so. So he had to go somewhere, so he bought this property, moved his sawmill here, cause it didn’t go with […]

16 Jul 2016

Hello Dolly | Part Two

(Dolly can be found in this photo of a Catholic picnic on the right hand side, with glasses beside the boy holding the baseball) After my parents died and after I was separated from my sisters and brothers, I went to Vernon. My mother had friends up there. Natives have people they call sisters that really aren’t your sisters. I was sent there and the army was there then. There was a huge army camp. I was sent to Cherryville, […]

14 Jul 2016

Hello Dolly | Part One

I had a Chinese father and an Indian mother. They had a brood of fourteen and I was the eleventh in line. My family was very tumultuous, and very important next to god and the priest and the teacher stood my father. He was funny but he was very strict. My life had total freedom, my mother said God looks after kids and drunks so she never worried about us. We had the whole freedom of the hills, the rivers […]

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