Ricohflex Model VI

Picked up a new addition to the camera family today. A 1953 Ricoflex Model VI TLR (Twin Lens Reflex). They were asking $55 but I thought the shutter was broken so I offered $25 and they accepted. After playing around with it I realized the shutter was fine, you had to push up the shutter release to “cock” it. The focus was seized but after a couple good forceful moments it broke free and seems to move quite smoothly. It does look like the focus was pushed too far at one point and the indicators are not aligning properly…. maybe that was me? One of the neck strap buttons are missing, not a huge deal. The way you load the 120 film is a bit of a pain in the ass but it will work fine. I think I might try servicing it myself, give it a good cleaning and hopefully align the focus indicators properly.

It has an 80mm lens, an aperture range from f3.5 to f16 and a focusing distance of 3 ½ feet to infinity. As far as shutter options I have 25, 50, 100 and bulb. I think this will be a great camera to utilize the new light meters one the new batteries come in from eBay. From the reviews its nothing amazing but it’s not junk either.

Overall at $25 I have no regrets. I think it’s actually a better camera than my Falcon Flex TLR as far as having a few shutter speed options.

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